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Dr. Eva Selhub: The Meaning of Life

141018-0146Excellence Reporter: Dr. Selhub, what is the meaning of life?

Eva Selhub: “What is the meaning of life?” is always a wonderful question to ponder as it can make one go deeper into the recesses of the mind, body and spirit to find an answer.

Thing is, there is no one answer, but many. Is the meaning about making meaning—about having all sorts of experiences, positive and negative, so that we can get to the deeper truth of who we are? Is it about learning that no matter how many curve balls life may throw us, we are loved and our journey is to discover the ultimate expression of that love amid the chaos?

And what is that expression of love? Is it altruistic activities, our relationships with others, with the earth or universe, with ourselves and the gifts bestowed upon us? Or is what we know of as life a big illusion—all the things we deem important and worthy are all but illusions that have little meaning other than to offer us experience so that we, again, learn that above and beyond anything we know, we are loved?

And perhaps then along with pondering the meaning of life, we can also then ask, “How can I make my life have more meaning?”, because this question leads us to all sorts of new trajectories and experiences because then life and its meanings might make more sense, since in the end, we have no clue what the meaning of life is, other than we are here to figure it out.


~Eva Selhub, MD, is an internationally recognized expert, physician, author, speaker and consultant in the fields of stress, resilience, mind-body medicine and working with the natural environment to achieve maximum health and wellbeing. Author of Your Health Destiny.

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