Annelise Hagen: What is the Meaning of Life?

IMG_0624 (1)Excellence Reporter: Annelise, what is the meaning of life?

Annelise Hagen: Quite simply, the meaning of life is what you think it is.

Yoga is a science. According to yogic wisdom, “As the mind, so the man. “

Of course, this applies to women as well.

The power of the Yoga practice or any mindfulness discipline is that we get to see our thoughts. And to shift them, as necessary. When we shift our thoughts, we shift our life.

You hold the power.

“I am all I think of” is an interesting way to say that we humans can be awfully self absorbed. This leads to dis-ease. Think of the Beatles song, “I, me, mine”.

I try to shift my focus from lack to abundance, from selfishness to service, when I am out  of tune. I choose to program in my mind that Life is Service.

This is a path to enlightenment in Yoga called Bhakti. The path of devotion. The fastest way to eliminate unhappiness is to focus on how we may serve others, for we are all one.

Isvara prandana is a Sanskrit term for surrender to the divine. Whatever you perceive that to be, the light of existence and life shines within as well as without. This is proved in western science as atomic theory.

Or as the Sanskrit greeting says, namaste — the light in me bows to the light in You, and in that place where we are all one.


~Annelise Hagen is a Yoga teacher, writer and performer. She created the revolutionary facial rejuvenation program, the Yoga Face, and authored the bestselling accompanying book.

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