Andrea Becky Hanson: Yoga as a Technology for the Experience of a Meaningful Life

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Excellence Reporter: Andrea, what is the meaning of life?

Andrea Becky Hanson: Yoga, as discovered and developed many of thousands of years ago union. The basis of Yoga is based on the true meaningfulness of life…The experience of wholeness, peace and oneness.   The aspects of yoga…breath, posture, hand and eye position, chanting, qualities of being and actions is a technology for the Soul…brings a willingness to learn to feel the truth.  Truth is silent.  Truth is self-evident, Truth is to accept all that is, to be compassionate with ourselves and others, and be of service to others and all what we love.  Anything else stops our progress as human spiritual beings.

To be successful, we must collaborate with our heart, be established in gratitude, and trust that life is happening perfectly for our greater conscious awareness and enlightenment. Celebrate each moment as the perfect opportunity to create and live your deeply meaningful and purposeful life. Your life will go according to your personal philosophy, beliefs, thoughts, actions and ideas…This happens in each moment.  Your future is now…now. Celebrate it how you desire it to be now.

What I have consistently discovered is success with these matters follows a pretty consistent 5 leg path as follows:

1. Make a practice of daily self-inquiry and heart connection set clear intentions for your personal growth, enlightenment and union with your true excellence.
2. Allow your teachers to come to you. Find teachers that you are drawn to that teach through experience. Practice. Try Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, a fully preserved type of yoga.
3. Give up seeking and practice being…this is what Yoga and Meditation is really about.
4. REMEMBER, all of your answers are within.
5. Be a courageous, kind, and compassionate being beginning with your Self,  and serve others


~Sat Nam, Andrea Becky Hanson, Yogi, Sage, Life-long Sentient Intuitive, Agent for Universal Consciousness, Expert Holistic Energy Healing Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Best Selling Author, Light Through the Keyhole, Unlock Your Joy

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