Peter Mortimer: The Meaning of Life… Twenty Times

Peter MExcellence Reporter: Peter, what is the meaning of life?

Peter Mortimer:

Is the crackle of a wood fire
Is the spray of a peeled orange
Is the radiator warmth of a stroked horse
Is the tiny sock on the washing line
Is the plop of a raindrop in the barrel
Is the song sung in a dark wood
Is the rubber duck in the philosopher’s bath
Is the tremble of a nervous deer
Is the lolling of a panting dog’s tongue
Is the teardrop in the dictator’s eye
Is the poem written in the death camp
Is the ant carrying an entire twig
Is the next breath
Is the hot tea shared with an enemy
Is the old man juggling clubs
Is the feather inside the clenched fist
Is the ear licked by a lover
Is the thud of a triple-top dart
Is the lovemaking on the council tip
Is the certainty of waves

~Peter Mortimer, poet, playwright, journalist, publisher. Peter Mortimer is founder and editor of IRON Press, the independent press which has championed new quality writing since 1973.

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