Marla Baggetta: The Meaning of Life and the Commitment of Love

fil001Excellence Reporter: Marla, what is the meaning of life?

Marla Baggetta: Having spent my entire life as an artist, I’ve had the good fortune to pursue a career in art; painting, teaching and traveling. By conventional accounts I’ve been quite successful. But, I was beset by depression and profoundly empty. I was suffering and constantly searching with every action, every attempt to experience, every desire and even every thought. One could say I was involved in a desperate search for the meaning of life.

Then, in a moment of crisis, grace broke through and reality was revealed as perfect happiness prior to all seeking. I soon came to recognize this grace was actually my Guru, Adi Da Samraj and I was shown a principle of life profoundly greater than the one that I had been aligned to.

Adi Da Samraj purifies and breaks the spell of ego, awakening us to the one true reality, the conscious light, the bright, all that IS. This revelation is the greatest liberty and freedom I’ve ever known. All dilemma and seeking for the meaning of life is resolved, truth is revealed prior to the mind and it is shown that it was our own act of separation or refusal of the divine which created the dilemma in the first place. Now having found the purpose of existence and the true import of life, I’ve taken on the commitment of love and devotion for the divine.


~Marla Baggetta, fine artist; pastel, oil, and acrylic paintings, art workshops, inspiration and tips.

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