Keith Mitchell: The Meaning of Life… Creating Solutions For Our World

IMG_2852Excellence Reporter: Keith, what is the meaning of life?

Keith Mitchell: For me, I’ve learned the importance of growth and development and I have realized a different kind of education, an education that has allowed me an escape from separateness but has created a likeness.

In this I have found empathy, compassion, patience and from this, I have learned to direct my mission to service because through service we sustain ourselves, our community and we create solutions for our world.

We are not born into this world we are born out of this world we are the extended levels of consciousness and in my opinion it is our duty to create the environment, harmony on this planet in this life time and if we are so blessed in the next life as well. Namaste!


~Keith Mitchell, former NFL linebacker has been able to find a new life purpose through YOGA. His passion for sharing the practice of yoga and meditation  was inspired after his sudden retirement from the NFL. Keith passionately teaches individuals to become liberated, first within the mind, working from the inside out in order to achieve complete fulfillment.

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