David Spangler on the Meaning of Life

david-spangler Guiding Voice.jpgExcellence Reporter: Fr. David, what is the meaning of life?

David Spangler: To me, there is no one single meaning but rather each person generates unique meaning born of his or her relationship to the world. For some, it may be learning a particular lesson, for some it may be accomplishing a particular soul-inspired goal, for some it may be simple curiosity at what physical existence is like.

Overall, we are each part of larger fields of life, such as that of the human species or that of the planet and its biosphere as a whole, so part of the meaning of life for each of us is to discover how to honor and contribute positively to those larger fields to the benefit of all.

Within this larger effort, though, each of us has the opportunity to learn how to be a creative, integrated, loving individual fulfilling our unique individuality. In this way we discover our wholeness as persons contributing to the wholeness of our world.


~David Spangler, MCS is a visionary, author and spiritual teacher, and Lorian priest. A lecturer and teacher since 1964, David has written numerous books which include: The CallEveryday MiraclesBlessing: The Art and the PracticeManifestation: Creating the Life You Love and Incarnational Spirituality. Spangler is considered one of the founding figures of the modern New Age movement, although he is highly critical of what much of the movement has since become, especially its commercial and sensationalist elements.

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