Jamie Cat Callan: The Meaning of Life… Listening to the Thrum of Your Heart

Jamie Cat Callan author photo on jpegExcellence Reporter: Jamie, what is the meaning of life?

Jamie Cat Callan: The meaning of life is love. And the key to finding your path to love and your very own meaning to life is: to listen to the thrum of your own heart.

Pay attention to what brings a feeling of joy for you. There are messages and miracles in the simplest things. When you listen to a song and you feel your heart swell, ask yourself what is it that moves me so? When you are mesmerized by an old black and white photo, taken in far away and long ago, ask yourself why does this move me so? When you’re standing in the sun and wind blows through your hair, ask the question–what is it about these woods or this ocean or that mountain that connects me to my truest self?

It’s important to learn to appreciate the messages that come to you through your senses.  Does the scent of a certain perfume remind you of your mother?

Does the aroma of hot baked bread and autumn leaves bring you back to a turning point when you were in the third grade?

And the taste of a freshly picked garden tomato where does it take you in your own unique imagination?

What about the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs? And the feel of freshly washed sheets on a hot summer day? What about the shadows leaping and dancing from the fireplace–oh, and the smell of a burning cedar? What is your memory? What are your dreams?

All these things are part of your individual road map to life’s meaning–for you. No one person can tell you where to begin your journey or exactly what road to turn down. It’s written on the inside of your beautiful heart and it’s up to you to follow your own path and discover your own joie de vivre.

And this, brings you a life full of love.

This is the meaning of life. To pay attention. To be happy.


~Jamie Cat Callan is the author of the internationally bestselling books Ooh La La! French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day, Bonjour Happiness! and French Women Don’t Sleep Alone, and the creator of The Writers Toolbox.

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