Brett Bevell: The Meaning of Life… Being in Dance With The Divine

132977_173384779365176_138770832826571_343075_6503185_oExcellence Reporter: Master Brett, what is the meaning of life?

Brett Bevell: The meaning of life is to understand your connection to the greater whole by being in service to life itself, not just your own life but the lives of others, even other beings that are sentient such as animals, the entire web of life. The more we can serve the greater web of life, as opposed to taking from the web of life, the more we will have contributed to creating a better world.

How that service unfolds however will be very different from one person to the next. For an amazing poet, artist or musician it might be that their true service to the web of life is being in service to their art. That person may find meaning in the words they write, the images they paint, the music that flows from their instrument. A perfect example of that is John Lennon who touched millions of lives by devoting his life to music. For a rice farmer in Bali that service might be in how they tend their crops, and how they treat their workers, and how diligently they pay attention to the land, even acknowledging the sacred rituals of the island and the might of the volcano Gunung Agung which is the center of the Balinese universe. So, how we are in service to life itself usually varies tremendously from one person to the next. But the important piece is to be in service to that greater whole, which some may even call the Divine.

As an energy healer I find meaning in my life through being in a constant improvised energetic dance with the Divine. That is how I find joy, and also by teaching and writing about what I have discovered I feel I am being in service to others, offering them techniques that can help them heal as well as grow deeper on their own path. If there were a simple formula to it I would say take whatever you are passionate about and are talented in, and direct that toward making the world a better place. If you do that, you will have a meaningful life.

But, your question was: what is the meaning of life? That is not necessarily the same as how to live a meaningful life, though the two are intertwined. Since I love games, energy puzzles and working with the energy of nuance that show a person a way instead of telling them the way, I’ll leave you with a Merlin style energy healing trick coming through the words of this text that may help the reader discover their own definition of the meaning of life. Simply repeat the three question phrase below out loud, which I have infused with some energy healing, to help you come to your own definition:

What is the meaning of life? What is my meaning of life? What is the purpose of my existence?

Repeat this phrase like a mantra and let the energy healing inside this phrase guide you to the answers that are best for you.


~Brett Bevell, Reiki Master

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