Raylene Abbott: The Meaning of Life and the Love that’s Engraved in the Heart

dscf7101.jpgExcellence Reporter: Raylene, what is the meaning of life?

Raylene Abbott: The appearances in this life we find ourselves, may mean world success, fame, or fortune, but for me this is not the truth to the question “The Meaning of life”. The answer for me is: have I learned my soul’s lessons, have I loved, have I been kind, have I been authentic?

Everything of the material nature passes away, but love never passes away, it is registered and engraved in the heart. Being true to yourself and strong enough to be authentic even if that means you become vulnerable to your truth. And learning to become soft even in the hardest conditions of life. This for me is the true meaning of why we are here in this human condition.


~Raylene Abbott is a spiritual trainer, healer, mystical writer and international author.

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Categories: Awakening

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