Ed ‘Eagle Man’ McGaa: The Meaning of Life and Observing Nature

Me JacketNewExcellence Reporter: Ed, what is the meaning of life?

Ed McGaa: Introspect, Acknowledge, Be Thankful, Accept Mystery, Seek Knowledge, and Observe; especially Nature more so than listening to Man.

Realize Creator is All Truth and All Knowledge. Creator’s Nature harbors no Superstition there fore my Memory reminds me that Creator must be All Truth. We are all on a journey and we will all pass on, sooner or later. Creator gave each of us a Memory. It is the only entity that we will take with us when we leave here. All others that we have met on this journey will carry the same. No one can harm us or control us. Some will honor, some will chastise depending on how their truthful memory of us forms their conclusion. Possibly, it will be them that will judge us and the Great Spirit will not have to be bothered with that task.

Every day the sun will rise. The Red Dawn, Wiyo Heyapata – the East Power will bring new knowledge if I cultivate the sense to look for it and hence expand my Disk of Life – my Memory. It must be cultivated to be Humanitarian, occasionally Brave, Harmonic to the planet and the Wamaskaskan – the animal providers, winged and finned. Possibly I will advance to greater knowledge in that Beyond if I am Truthful and knowledge seeking while here.


~Ed (Eagle Man) McGaa, J.D., OST- 15287, is a registered Teton Oglala, born on the Pine Ridge reservation. Following his childhood ambition, he became a Marine Fighter Pilot and flew 110 combat missions in Vietnam. He holds a law degree from the University of South Dakota and is the author of 14 books; including Mother Earth Spirituality (50 times reprinted- Harper/Collins), Nature’s Way, Rainbow TribeNative Wisdom. His Crazy Horse and Chief Red Cloud historical is a top summer season seller in the Dakota’s. He is the largest selling, non-fiction Native American author. His latest work is Exposing Terrorism- Indigenous Spirituality and Religious Extremism – available at Amazon.

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