John Bunzl: The Meaning of Life and Global Cooperation

P1010059.jpegExcellence Reporter: John, what is the meaning of life?

John Bunzl: The eternal question! And the answer is perhaps different for each of us. For me it’s about doing what little I can to serve the furtherance of the evolutionary process, both in terms of our inner consciousness and our outer material existence.

As humanity finds itself, now, as the most powerful species on the planet and in grave danger of destroying the biosphere on which it depends, the most urgent issue is how we can cooperate globally to solve problems that no nation can tackle alone.

First and foremost global problems are an INNER problem; a symptom of the inadequate ‘nation-centric’ way in which we think. So it’s little wonder we are still struggling to understand world-centric – that is, global – problems. As Einstein sagely pointed out, “we won’t solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”. That’s why I initiated the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign at, a global citizen’s campaign that allows us to use our votes in national elections to drive politicians and governments towards global cooperation.

So, doing what I can to foster the vital shift to a more world-centric level of thinking and political action provides, for me, a great deal of life’s meaning, alongside the challenge of self-development, the delight of dear friends and the joy of loving family relationships.


~John Bunzl is a businessman, writer, and founder of the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign.

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