C. JoyBell C.: The Meaning of Life… Relishing Beauty in Awe

Processed with VSCOcam with j3 presetExcellence Reporter: C. JoyBell, what is the meaning of life?

C. JoyBell C.: Thank you for inviting me to answer this question, it is an honour. When you asked, “What is the meaning of life?” the first thought that came to mind, was, I wonder what his definition of ‘meaning’ is. I wonder about when you came up with this holy grail of a question, were you thinking of ‘meaning’ like when we open up a dictionary and look for the meaning of a word; or, ‘meaning’ like when we think of life philosophically or maybe even scientifically? Is it that you would like me to define the word ‘life’ as a dictionary would, or is it that you would like me to define “life” as a philosopher would. Or perhaps, maybe as an Astrobiologist would (because they have some pretty technical and sometimes freaky definitions of it!) But I feel like what you’re asking is, What does it mean to be alive, what does it mean to be here, why are we here, what is the meaning in it all put together?

An Astrobiologist would typically say that a microbe constitutes a life, and that life on Earth is ultimately the result of evolution from primitive forms of microbes and creatures that lived in the ancient water reserves tucked away in crevices on the planet. They would typically say the same about life on other planets, as well.

When I was in University (before I dropped out of it), I studied Biology, which is really just the study of life and living things. A whole science is dedicated to the study of life; meanwhile, there is always dispute amongst Biologists over what the real definition of life is!

I believe that in our hearts, all of us are reaching and seeking. If we were not all reaching and seeking, then we wouldn’t wonder about what life is and what it isn’t. That alone tells me that there is a meaning that goes deeper than science as we normally define science in our day and age. There is a ‘why’ and not just a ‘what is.’ Someone once said, that the occultism of the past becomes the science of the future and I do believe that is true. Occult means hidden. Once upon a time, the sciences of today were treated as occult information and often denied, laughed at, and scorned.

While we live — we learn. But is that the whole meaning? While we live, we usually also love (we need to) — is that the whole meaning? While we live, some of us burn with a fire for something we do not yet know — maybe that is the meaning— to burn until we find the fire that calls to our Souls. Or maybe every person has their own meaning and no one other person is in the position to tell anyone else what the meaning of their life is or ought to be!

The truth is, your question is the reason why there are philosophers, it is the reason why we read The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, or Phaedrus by Plato. It is the reason why there is a Plato, an Aristotle, a Confucius, and a Marcus Aurelius. I also believe that it is the root reason why there are scientists. No matter how hard a scientist may fight to debunk the existence of ‘soul’, I believe it is the very soul that is the reason why a scientist becomes a scientist.

The reason for life is that life is simply the foundation of all existence. Look into the cosmos — it is life. Imagine your heart pumping in your chest — it is life. Imagine the things that you cannot even see but you only dream of — it is also life! And the sweetness of life is to live it with a harmony of soul. For me, that harmony of soul is found in love, affection, laughter, beauty. To live life without beauty is not a life at all. This is what the purpose of life is, for me.

Furthermore, I believe that death is a falling into oneself, because I believe that within a person exists a living world, and to die in this physical world, is to fall into the unseen world that is within ourselves; and while we are here on this plain of the corporeal, we learn lessons to gain materials that we use to build our inner worlds with, so that when we return to where we came from, we will find the fruit of our labors and we will see them to be good ones. So, how are these materials gathered? Well, for me it is through laughter, it is through joy, peace, understanding. Through beauty. I’ve also gained many materials through healing after struggle.

The meaning of life is to laugh, to find and to create beauty, to see what beauty is already here and to relish in awe. Each day, I seek to be in awe. There is so much to be in awe of… the way someone you love smiles at you, the way the stars are up there in the sky, the way that you are here standing here today, against all odds, all obstacles, and all fear! Despite everything, here you are! So, the meaning of life, to me, is that there are a billion small things to stand in awe of, each day. Because what would life mean without awe? I am in awe and I stand in that place and I can see that others are in awe of what I am able to produce from that place wherein I stand. To be in awe always — this is the meaning of life. Anything that kills your awe — run away from that — because that is what takes away your life. Believe in anything you want to believe in if it makes you stand in awe, because that is what fuels the roots of life. Well, that is what I believe.


~C. JoyBell C. is an Independent Author of works delving into esoterism, philosophy of mind, poetry, fiction and parenting. She is sought out as a personal counselor in her areas of influence, which are rooted in Soul Crafting and modern-day Theurgy. Referred to as one of the leading female thinkers of our day and age, she has followings from the likes of Mosongo Moukwa, Psychology Today, Guy Kawasaki, Karen Bonnell, Dr. Randie Gottlieb, Dr. Gary R. Bertoline, Ray Boyne, and many, many more. She is currently Member of the Editorial Board of the upcoming Polish Scientific Journal: Studia Humanitatis Mrongoviensis; Member of the Editorial Board of Interntational Journal of History and Philosophy of Medicine; Founder of Society of Modern Astronomy (SoMA), and Community Developer at Market Financed Inventions.

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