Rick Phillips: The Meaning of Life… like having a compass

Rick Phillips PicHiResExcellence Reporter: Rick, what is the meaning of Life?

Rick Phillips: The meaning of life is really about finding the meaning and purpose that is uniquely your own, it’s your own particular “life force”. I believe that having meaning, which is synonymous with having a reason for living, a reason for doing, a reason for getting up each day with a sense of purpose.

Having meaning and purpose helps to set our direction in life. For me personally, the meaning in my life can be said this way; My personal mission, is to start everyday knowing that I am here to do three things; love, learn and to serve, and every day, I find innumerable ways to do just that.

When you have meaning in your life, it’s like having a “compass”, a compass that helps to set and guide your actions in every encounter and in every situation. Remember; Meaning Matters.


~Rick Phillips is the Executive Director and founder of Community Matters. He is the creator and co-developer of Safe School Ambassadors®, a youth-centered, violence prevention program that has been implemented in more than 1,500 schools across the United States and in Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico, Rick has become a nationally-recognized educator, speaker, facilitator, and trainer who brings years of expertise and practical experience to schools and communities across the continent and abroad.

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