LARAAJI: The Meaning of Life… This Golden Present

unknownExcellence Reporter: Laraaji, what is the meaning of life?

LARAAJI: This moment is life’s only true meaning for me.
Being fully present in this moment is my connection to life’s meaning.

As my mental is clear of past and future based linear thinking and my heart is light, the present moment’s meaning of life is expanding into my conscious awareness.

This meaning is omnipresent and eternal…
This meaning is the serene absence of separation and the fullness of cosmic unity, this meaning is the everlasting bliss, inspiration and power of the present, being amplified through my witnessing presence…

Through Movement, Cosmic Nadam Sound Current listening Meditation, through Music & Laughter improvisation I am continuously clearing inner space and am directly witnessing this empowering eternal meaning of life for myself ..THIS GOLDEN PRESENT..
((((( A U M ))))))


~LARAAJI is an American musician. Born Edward Larry Gordon in Philadelphia, he studied violin, piano, trombone and voice.

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