William Parker: The Meaning of Life and the Leaf From the Tree of Creation

william-parker1221Excellence Reporter: William, what is the meaning of life?

William Parker: Let me begin my answer by asking a question: if you could go back in time to August 6, 1945 and it was your job to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. You had two choices, the first choice to know the meaning of life and the second choice “Not to drop the bomb”. Which one would you choose? If you had chosen not to drop the bomb you would have saved millions of lives and you would have found out the meaning of life at the same time.

Life is a leaf that has fallen from the tree called creation. Like oak, maple, and spruce, it is constantly trying to make its way home.

We as human beings are also trying to reconnect to life. When we are born and we begin a journey called living, which takes place inside of ourselves, it is our obligation to find out how things flow and how we will relate to other human beings. Life can mean taking from others (imperialism) or it can mean giving to others in forms of hope and the art of living.

The meaning of life is to find the meaning of life. Death is a part of life, murder is a not part of life. We can take away life but we cannot bring some one who is dead back to life. I am not sure if life created creation or creation created life or that it is even something we need to define. It is probably something we need to become. When we accept life under its terms we move closer to it, we find our place within this huge landscape of mysteries.


~William Parker is an American free jazz double bassist, multi-instrumentalist, poet and composer.

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