Jamie Catto on the Meaning of Life

unspecifiedExcellence Reporter: Jamie, what is the meaning of life?

Jamie Catto: For me the grace and fascination of how ‘Life’ is expressing itself on this planet is in how diversely the 7 billion souls are experimenting with different Meanings. There are 7 billion ways to experiment with being a human here. This immense diversity of experimentation is woven together through the web of humanity and creates limitless combinations and clashes and fusions, like a human brain with it’s billions of connections within the tissue, the inteconnectedness of all the inhabitants of Earth, past present and future, acts as one humming macro-brain.

It has some Universal rules within which all the players operate. One seems to get back what one gives. Periods of expansion seem to be preceded and followed by periods of contraction. What we focus on, through our lenses of optimism and pessimism seems to grow. Change seems to be inevitable. Pleasure and pain will both be experienced.

For me, the most interesting and rewarding way to exist as a tiny fragment of the World brain is to keep my awareness in two places at once. To, experience being a fragile human with worries and dramas and hopes and excitements, fully immersed into the Earthly concerns, while also watching the whole thing from the outside like a loving and patient spectator, ever forgiving of the stumbles and confusions of the one who’s so immersed, never expecting or demanding evolution, and simultaneously welcoming all the unexpected twists and turns of the human life, trusting that the unfathomable pattern may be rooted in a benevolent Source.


~Jamie Catto, Creator, Producer / Director of the multi-award winning global 1 Giant Leap films and albums and founder member of Faithless.

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