Marla Apt: The Meaning of Life and Seeing Clearly

Zane's Headshot for print (large)Excellence Reporter: Marla, what is the meaning of life?

Marla Apt: To see clearly. When we remove the veil of distraction clouding our vision, we gain an unobstructed view of the threads interwoven amongst all things, connecting every part to the whole. Seeing the world around us clearly also means seeing our place in the world, what it is that we are to do, where and how to be in any given moment.

When we can directly experience the swarm of life within and without, our thoughts, words and actions as well as the whole concept of self and other is altered. All defense and reaction dissipates. While the sight of connectedness elicits unique paths of action from each person, I believe that it can only lead to a compassionate, kind approach to living.


~Marla Apt, Yoga Teacher

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