Kari Hohne: The Meaning of Life… and an Endless Embrace

Excellence Reporter: Kari, what is the meaning of life?HR sq kari

Kari Hohne: I find meaning with nature as my teacher. The sun offers a curriculum of how to rise each day, activating a chain reaction of abundance by simply shining. Light the fire, smile, see how the world responds. The moon shows how it is possible to reflect light even during times of darkness. Trees are the masters of not playing the host, but remain the guest of what life brings to us. Grass demonstrates how we are all connected at our roots and thrive by supporting each other. Birds remind us that the song in our heart is more real than any song we hear around us. Like the earth, we succumb to autumn, stripped of the known where we turn inward to winter in our underworld, reconnecting with our roots.

I believe when we dream we enter the world of the Shaman and achieve second sight. So much goes on below the surface that orchestrates manifestation and there is much about the hidden side of life we will never know. Like another organ of digestion, when we dream we assimilate what we need and discard the self inhibiting ideas that stunt our forward progress. Animals dream and they too are learning something and have a right to be here. After winter, we rise again in field of seeds that become the 10,000 flowers of spring. How beautiful we are!

A gardener will tell you that growth is not always measured by what we receive, but how well we allow the unnecessary to be pruned away. What will it be next year? It may be similar, but it won’t be the same. So meaning is a dandelion seed blowing in the wind to become tomorrow’s dream. But there is some aspect of us visible in our childhood that always remains the same, and we need to make it our alter.

I don’t believe there is anything negative happening in nature, even with floods, hurricanes and forest fires. Nature is committed to life and has been fostering our success since the day we were born, even when we have yet to understand the why of the pathway. When we are lost – we are just here and that is such a wonderful place to be. Our universe seems to have a predisposition for the unknown and opening to wonder keeps us free.

So the meaning of life to me, is not to take anything so seriously that we miss out on living and forget we are natural creatures being shaped by natural processes. And I don’t believe we are an organic being at odds with our spiritual self. I think when we embrace our nature self, our human-ness and remove all boundaries that separate us from all we see – we are just this and it is beautiful. Only we know what it means to be fearlessly ourselves. And it is always perfect. I celebrate you! Namaste…let us dance with the Shadow until we both fall down laughing in an endless embrace.


~Kari Hohne is the lead artist in Get Tribal, and the creator of

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