Joseph Encinia: The Meaning of Life and the Balance of All Things

j-12-600x900Excellence Reporter: Joseph, what is the meaning of life?

Joseph Encinia: The meaning of life can be understood by looking at the balance of all things. Their wouldn’t be a positive without a negative, nor would there be peace without war. Throughout life we experience the good and the bad with judgement or acceptance.

When we experience unfair situations it feels as if the world is against us. Conspiring to keep us down regardless of our good deeds and actions. Then we live through an amazing experience and praise the universe as if it has always been there aiding us along the way.

When we look at these experiences in life, the one thing which can be realized is that all things are already meant to be and through living we come to understand the meaning of life in every moment.

~Joseph Encinia, 2011 World Yoga Champion

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