Tina Malia: The Meaning of Life and the Well Being of All Life on Earth

TM_givingExcellence Reporter: Tina, what is the meaning of life?

Tina Malia: Years ago, someone told me a story that was passed down to him, that I’d like to share with you as well. The story goes that when the people of this particular Native American tribe entered the tipi and sat around the fire to pray, they did not pray for their own health, wealth, personal gain and woes. Instead, they prayed for those around them — their friends, neighbors, children, elders and relatives — that they would be bestowed with peace, happiness, joy; that they’d have bountiful harvests, clean water to drink, healthy bodies and minds.

They prayed for those around them to be filled with abundant love, shelter, and a sense of purpose and pride. In this way, everyone in the tipi was taken care of, everyone was prayed for, everyone’s well being was the personal concern of those around them. There was no need to pray for yourself, as by caring for others it was ensured that your own life was also being watched over with great fervor by those around you.

I think of this story often, and as I ponder the meaning of life, I can’t help but go back to this simple wisdom. It is so basic, yet holds so many keys to filling the void that so often accompanies modern day living.

So…..let’s reach out. Let’s show that we care about the people in our lives, beautify our home for unexpected guests, make life a little easier for someone that could use a helping hand, and mostly, let’s pray for each other and the well being of all life on Earth. There will be so much purpose, so much meaning, it will be pouring out of every cell like a great tidal wave of love.


~Tina Malia is a visionary musical artist. Her sonic creations span folk, world, dream pop and sacred music genres. A prolific singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and sound engineer, Malia expresses her radiant inner landscape through song.

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  1. Aloha Tina from the magical island of Kauai we miss your presence here Remember the taro patch where you sang with Sacha and Shimshai ,the forest sends you her love , this is Radha Hare Krsna Lotus and Shimshai’s friend love all your doing shoot for the stars no limits be love my love and Shine your light.!!!Why not come here do something big ill help you arrange it !


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