Charles Littleleaf on the Meaning of Life

charleslittleleaf1Excellence Reporter: Charles, what is the meaning of life?

Charles Littleleaf: Volumes can be written about the meaning of life but it may be better to keep it simple and allow everyone to experience its meaning on their own terms. If I am to speak on this subject, I speak for myself because no one sits on the same stone as I, viewing the world and life from my own perspective.

Life is so vast and much of it is incomprehensible. We are like the caterpillar that moves from branch to branch in pursuit of the next leaf. Change awaits the caterpillar. Change awaits us.

It is a great honor to come into this life, nine months before we are born. We are gifted by our Great Creator only a small number of heartbeats in our lifetime and if they can beat in peace and happiness, then we are truly living.


~Charles Littleleaf is a Native American flutist and creator of traditional Native American flutes with many of his museum quality instruments winning prestigious awards. As an enrolled tribal member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Charles is also an Honorary Member of the Pagan Blackfoot Band Reserve in Brocket, Alberta, Canada, and son of the late Chief Jack Littleleaf. Charles’ traditional Native American flutes can be found in museums, galleries, and in the homes of many fine American Indian art collectors.

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