Twee Merrigan-Goldstein: What is the Meaning of ‘Your’ Life?

VUfTDbMBsFiO-FxjfTYbPTcpXFVE8Ord-gttakjB_9gExcellence Reporter: Twee, what is the meaning of life?

Twee Merrigan-Goldstein: The meaning of life is to first, know the meaning of your life. And if you do not know what the meaning of your life is right now, then spend the rest of your life reflecting on it. Ask god. Ask your parents. Ask your spouse. Ask your children…your friends…your neighbors…your co-workers, etc. don’t ask them what the meaning of YOUR life is…ask them the question, “what is the meaning of life.” Because maybe, if you still don’t know what the meaning of your life is…then by asking others this same question, the meaning of your life will become clear.

Perhaps the meaning of your life is to ask as many people “what the meaning of your life is” so that you in turn INSPIRE others to reflect on the meaning of their OWN lives. And eventually more and more of us will become awakened to the meaning of our own lives. Or we will individually begin to reflect on it and by doing so, we will live a more meaningful life….a more awakened life…a more present life….a more compassionate life.

Secondly, once you know the meaning of your life, make choices to align with that meaning. Simply ask yourself, “does this choice align to the purpose of my life?” and if you choose not to align…then ask god, universe, jesus, allah, or whoever or whatever you believe in your heart to be your guiding force…ask that One to help you get back in alignment with your life’s meaning (or purpose).

And thirdly, if you just don’t know what the meaning of your life is…rest assured that before you take your last breath…it will come to you. So you can start asking around now…whether that be inside within reflection or meditation or any form that resonates with your heart to help you go inward…or you can ask outside and get the endless answers from others that might inspire you to know your own meaning…or wait until that last breath.

Oh! and one more thing. If you DO know…then please don’t keep it a secret. If you haven’t begun what you already know you are meant to “do” in this life…today is a GREAT day to begin. And if you have begun…thank you for living your life so meaningfully. Perhaps you are living your life’s meaning  as a mother, a midwife, an animal farm sanctuary founder, a vegan restaurant owner, a politician fighting for state’s rights, a banker, a lawyer, a public high school science teacher, whatever or however it is that you are meant to live in this lifetime…please remember….live your life with meaning…and please respect the rest of us and our choices of how we are living our own “life’s meaning.”  Or please respect how we are needing to take some time to reflect on how best to live our lives.  Let each of us go through our own reflections in our own way. As each of us is doing the best that we can with the life tools (and hints) that we were given up to this moment.

So I pass the baton to you…when I was asked what the meaning of life is, I will answer it by asking you… “what is the meaning of YOUR life?”


~Twee Merrigan-Goldstein, yoga teacher and trainer of yoga

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