Rina Jakubowicz: The Meaning of Life and Investing in Happy Moments

ZUrdigy77x8RR_2zQJ-tmFnUCrFIjJzxjoM5mbsaGxA,WNEsL0GucWuVMlRuekjbmTYAVn8yWXmo4Xrz8RvFDhc“It’s time to start investing in happy moments!” exclaims my wise aunt with these wise words. And she’s right! But, what is a happy moment?

The meaning of life to me is to discover how to genuinely be happy and peaceful so that I can then share it with others who are seeking the same thing. Fifteen years ago, I learned that this happiness and peace happens when you realize your true Self and not try to gain it from anything outside of yourself.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, the ancient sacred yoga text, this is everyone’s meaning of life. The scriptures teach us that we have two selves: the ego self and the pure Self. The ego self is the material manifestation of the pure Self, which is just pure Spirit. The material manifestations are the physical body, the mind with its desires and emotions, and the intellect which is the ability to rationalize and reason. These manifestations are usually influenced by external sources and are inconsistent. They fluctuate constantly thus they can’t be real. The pure Self is who we really are because it can neither be changed nor altered; it is constant. It cannot be influenced by anything outside of you; thus it is real. This knowledge can help one stay on course for a deeper meaning and understanding in life.

I have always been a seeker of truth and this fire in me has propelled my many actions in this direction towards Self-realization. Although I am far from realizing this state, I wake up every morning with this goal in mind. In the meantime, until I get there, I strive to give meaning to every action, thought and word by making sure it’s as close to the principles the ancient teachings and sages have taught and shared.

The most basic and profound principle the sages tell us to live by is to live a life of giving and serving. This will give you a peaceful mind with a deep sense of love and gratitude. Thus, you are happy and peaceful. Conversely, if you live a life of taking (aka selfishness) you will suffer greatly with an agitated and disturbed mind throughout your life.

To me, this simple equation makes too much sense not to at least try to follow and see what happens. Sometimes my selfish desires perk up and say “Hello! Remember me?” to test me and show me where I stand on my spiritual journey. These moments of truth help me reflect because ultimately every action and reaction is a source of learning and potential growth.
And, I want to grow! I want to evolve! I want to realize my true Self!

So, just for today, I am giving meaning to my life by giving as much of myself as I know how – to help in any way that I’m needed. And now that we know what truly makes happy moments then we can have many more of these in one lifetime.


~Rina Jakubowicz, founder of Rina Yoga, is a bilingual yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, author and TV show host. She was selected as one of South Florida’s Business Leaders 2011 Movers and Shakers.

Copyright  2015 Excellence Reporter

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