John Baldoni: The Meaning of Life… Sparking the Purpose Within

Baldoni_Hands (2)Excellence Reporter: John, what is the meaning of life?

John Baldoni: Let me be frank, I don’t like “meaning of life” questions. They remind me of exercises we did in grade school. Meaning is a shape shifter; by that I mean at every age we define it differently. How I define it now likely is different from how I defined it as a young person.

That said, it is important to take stock of one’s life regularly. And while “meaning of life” type questions may seem onerous they have their purpose. And it is purpose. Purpose is the spark within us that propels us to do what we do. Purpose is our catalyst. Meaning of life then is about discovering purpose and harnessing it to make a positive difference.

~John Baldoni, executive coach, leadership educator, and author

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