Dr. Pam Spurr: The Meaning of Life and Being Mindful

DrPamSpur-LadyPrelox_What is the meaning of life?

Although some would argue there is no meaning to life, most of us strive to find some sort of meaning. It’s seems impossible to answer but that’s the beauty of it, we can all find meaning in our own ways as there is no definitive answer. 

Which is why when talking to people about the meaning of their life — because most of us question our lives — I begin by focussing on moments they experience like of happiness, pleasure, connectedness, feeling love and being loved, being helped by others, and helping others even at a small level. After exploring those moments it’s crucial to also look at the moments that bring us unhappiness, that disconnect us from others, where we feel unsatisfied for one reason or another. Exploring those help us to reach a deeper understanding of our interactions with the world. We can begin to understand how our life fits in with the lives of others.

Exploring such diverse moments helps people question why they might be working so hard to buy more, achieve more, receive more validation, and so on. Ultimately most find that doesn’t bring meaning to their life or help them understand the meaning of life in a way that’s satisfying. Such an awakening begins that continuing journey of mindfulness — being mindful of the small moments that actually connect us in positive and meaningful ways to those around us. And being mindful of when we need to change something, move forward, or find deeper understanding to accept it.


~Pam Spurr, psychologist, self-help expert and author.
Twitter: @drpamspurr

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