Robin Fox on The Meaning of Life

Robin FoxExcellence Reporter: What is the meaning of life?

Robin Fox: here is a verse I wrote more or less in answer to your question. I called us “Apes with existential questions.” From “The Passionate Mind” (2000, p. 52).

“And did some sly, malicious god
when an ape first stood and faced the sky,
prepare a two-edged gift, a rod
it sought to cure this hubris by?
It did, and so the creature choked,
then straining through its tears it croaked
the first, pathetic “why?.”

I guess in other words the meaning of life is that we can ask the question
“what is the meaning of life?”


~Robin Fox, anthropologist, poet, essayist and historian of ideas, currently University Professor of Social Theory at Rutgers University.

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