Steve McIntosh: The Evolutionary Meaning of Life

mcintoshphotoExcellence Reporter: What is the meaning of life, Steve?

Steve McIntosh: The meaning or purpose of human life is to increasingly perfect the evolving universe of self, culture, and nature. Humans are free-will creatures endowed with a personal sense of purpose, which suggests that the existence of humanity as a whole has a larger purpose in the grand scheme of evolution; we are not a cosmic accident.

Our role in the “cosmic economy,” if you will, is to discern and pursue the essential directions of perfection by our own lights. In other words, in our capacity as agents of evolution we are recruited to the task of freely discovering what is closer to perfection by our own volition and in our own experience.

Evolutionary spirituality’s clarification of the purpose of the evolving universe affirms that the meaning of life is to experience and create beauty, truth, goodness, and love.


~Steve McIntosh J.D, author, leader in the integral philosophy movement, president of the Institute for Cultural Evolution think tank.

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