Margaret Paul: The Meaning of Life and Your Ability to Love

M.Dark.11.14.2.mediumExcellence Reporter: Dr. Paul, what is the meaning of life?

Margaret Paul: Many years ago I was struggling with this very concept — the meaning of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose?

As I asked the question, my higher self popped in with the answer:

“The meaning of life is to evolve in your ability to love and to fully manifest the gifts you have been given. In order to evolve in your ability to love, you need to start with learning to love yourself, rather than reject and abandon yourself. If you try to love others while abandoning yourself, you will be trying to get love rather than offering and sharing love. When you learn to see, love and value yourself — your true soul essence — then you become filled with love to share with others. When you see your true essence, then you can discover your passionate purpose and fully manifest your gifts on the planet. Your soul essence will not let you in on your passionate purpose until you see, value and love yourself.

You are a spark of the Divine Intelligence that is God. Your soul is the love that is God — a spark of that love — and your journey is to evolve the love that is God as you evolve in your ability to love yourself and others.”

I knew immediately that this is the answer to the meaning of life — to evolve in our ability to love and fully manifest ourselves here on this planet.

Many people know that they need to learn to love themselves, but they don’t know how. The Inner Bonding process that we teach is the roadmap for how to love yourself, so that you can love others and fully manifest your God-given gifts.


~Margaret Paul Ph.D., relationship expert, noted public speaker, workshop leader, educator, chaplain, consultant and artist.

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