Jack Michael Goss: Forty-Two or Fortitude?

JackIf life is the extraordinary condition that distinguishes animals and plants alike from ignorant matter, then why is its true meaning a matter of which we are entirely ignorant to?

Is it because we seek meaning where there is nothing to unearth? Like preoccupied archaeologists we dig and we dust and we delve, deeper still until we find ourselves buried entirely and lost in the sands of time. Layered upon the darlings that fell before us. Unanswered questions etched into the very bones that bared the burden of our bewilderment to begin with.

Surely there can be no greater meaning than simply existing? To be grateful for having the honour of being – in actuality; if only for a little while…

Instead we ponder over the what ifs and the why’s, forever adding to our thriving repository of lineal illiteracy.

I myself possess an unquenchable thirst for knowledge yet I have made peace with the fact that the majority of what I grow to know will indeed be open to interpretation.

I contest that while we are likely to never find the true meaning of life, we can surely uncover all the more reason to endure it. I chose ‘endure’ over ‘enjoy’ because if we spend all of our time wrapped up in what it’s all about, we leave little room for any real enjoyment at all.

So savour that sunrise and afford those tears. Love your way into as many hearts as you dare to touch and let them laugh with you until wrinkles guide your eyes toward a happy ending. Because you never know when this life on loan will be withdrawn…

You see, if the universe truly is limitless then life is too, so before trying to figure out the meaning behind that – perhaps start off with something a little smaller; YOU!

What is the meaning of your life? That is your prerogative, it’s entirely up to you!

Consider this…

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it did! For no other reason than its own choosing. Of course you could ask the chicken why, though I doubt you’d get much of a response. And even if you did…you’d probably be disappointed: “I’m not sure really…I just fancied a change of scenery.”

So why are you here? What do you want to achieve? What is important to you?

Discover that and nothing else matters at all…Because who needs a reason when they have worth?

~Jack Michael Goss, 25, freelance web content writer

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