Jenny Oaks Baker: Meaning and The Eternal Life

DDP-31Excellence Reporter: Jenny, what is the meaning of life?

Jenny Oaks Baker: I believe the meaning or PURPOSE of life is to make good choices so that we can prove ourselves worthy to return to live with God again, after this life, for eternity.

Making good choices involves keeping God’s commandments and being selfless, kind and loving to everyone. It is through our relationships — especially our family relationships — that we can experience the greatest joy and fulfillment in this life and the life to come.

I also believe that after we live righteous lives of service to God and man, we must still rely on the Grace of God to enable us to return to live with God again.

These beliefs bring me and my family peace and joy as we live our lives, and are preparing us to return to live with God, His son, Jesus Christ and our deceased loved ones again.


~Jenny Oaks Baker America’s Violinist

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