Bill Crump: I have loved living you life

Bill the poetA Love Song

Most of all
I have loved living you life
and you have loved me back
and brought me gifts

Sweet gifts
and others
of harsher flavors
which I tried or which tried me
but I could not digest
but do understand

I am a speck of dust
yet in your immense
and infinite being
you allowed me
to roam your boundaries
at will

I have seen heard
and felt your wonders
they have filled my heart
and loosened my tears
of appreciation
and compassion

You have broken my heart
from time to time
I have rained sad tears
over the living of you
all these years

You are not a mystery to me
You are my soul
and I too glow
on a clear night
when I look up at you
as tears flow down my cheeks
because you are so beautiful
so very very beautiful
And I have
found you generous

and for all
every piece
and fleck of it
each twist and turn
and all your mountains I’ve climbed
and all my stumbles and
for all that you have presented me

I thank you
I love you most of all
for letting me be me
and someday
I will miss you
most of all
as I fall asleep
into one of your dreams

forever smiling
forever happy
for your wonderful
and amazing

Bill Crump, 72, amateur poet

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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  1. OMG! I am blown away! You are amazing! The words you choose and the “meaning” behind them are so incredibly profound, I am in total awe of your talents!!


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