The Rise and Fall of Life’s Notes

S_z_k_tryin_to_be_a_gem_of_a_personTake life for an escalator
Go both through its ups and downs
Ride in it like on an elevator
Expect both smiles and frowns

Take life for a suspense novel
You and I unaware what the next day would hold
Meditate and muse, the book of life do peruse
Pore over it and watch mysteries of life unfold.

Take life for the open sea
but pray drown not yourself in it
lest you lose sight of God’s shore
and thereby lose all spiritual wit

Take your life for a candle
Let its glow illumine other’s too
and in each and every of its flicker
discover a hint or clue

Each soul’s life, as unique as mazes of one’s thumbprint
For many life’s usually quite an uphill battle
At times tis sweet as molasses, at times bitter than mint
And life’s rollercoaster shakes you like a rattle!

Thus ponder over your life and reflect
how good you have been to it
and not just how it’s treating you
Employ all your faculties and wit.

Grief may overtake you like a tidal wave
But the larger than sea savior God shall save.

~S. Zaynub Kamoonpuri, 34, stay-at-home mom, poetess, writer, researcher.

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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