Flow With The Rivulet To Meet The Meaning Of Life

sangitaWhat is the meaning of life?
A verisimilitude journey of kin, kith and vibes,
To flow with rivulet to meet its ultimate guide,
To dig into each moment to have a larger view on this roller coaster ride,
Heal, nurture may be little stiff with each didactic stride,
To rise oneself and to encompass the intricacies of connection,
With each milieu of molecule of this universe that it imbibe,
Align, shift and open our senses to fill this unavoidable wide,
What is the meaning of life?,
To be a hero and celebrate the life as a knight,
Or to flow, as a sweet water over hard rocks
and smooth them to nature’s delight,
Each life illuminates its own treasure and influences,
Has its own devout meaning and significances.

Sangita Singh, 42, director

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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