Azim Khamisa: The Meaning of Life Through the Awe and Wonder of a Child

Without growth life would not have a meaning…

ank92113Years ago I wrote in my journal: “God runs the biggest business in the world – it is called the Universe. It is because of the integrity of the stars we have come to appreciate constellations. The difference between God’s business model and ours is integrity. This we must learn to evolve.”

The Universe is unfathomable for us mortals. The estimated radius of the Universe is 13.7 billion light years. There are billions of suns, moons, starts and planets in our galaxy, and then there are billions of other galaxies. Meanwhile the Universe is continually expanding. What is the meaning of all this? From my vantage point, I have three points I would like to share:

1) The Universe is about awe and wonder. It is beyond our imagination. And that is a good thing because life without awe and wonder would not be very meaningful or enjoyable. It is through the awe and wonder that a child learns to walk, learn and grow. In my meditations I regularly visit the Universe (Meditation Link – HERE) and get totally absorbed by the beauty and the magnificence of the Universe. There is a feeling of total freedom, weightlessness and expansive space! With such a blissful experience, it is often hard for me to return back to our planet Earth.

2) The second point I would like to make is that with billions of planets, suns, moons and stars I am convinced there are other extraterrestrial beings that occupy the Universe. They are probably more advanced civilizations than us and have learned how to coexist with other beings in peace and compassion. This would be unlike our planet where there is way too much war and violence. Maybe that is why these intelligent beings avoid connecting with us and see that we as a species need to evolve into a compassionate, loving and peaceful society. I pray that they look upon us mortals with kindness, and hopefully someday they may visit us and teach us these important values. All the scriptures point to this!

3) Lastly the Universe is a mystery. That is a good thing. If it was NOT a mystery there would be no challenges in our life as everything would have been figured out. I do not believe that we will ever fully figure out life or the Universe. Sure, with each passing generation we continue to discover more and become more spiritually evolved. However what I have experienced in my life is that as I evolve spiritually I do not necessarily get all the answers … but my questions get loftier. There will always be more frontiers to discover and challenges to be met. That is indeed a good thing, as without these challenges there would be no growth. Without growth life would not have a meaning … as growth fuels our evolution!


~Azim Khamisa, author, activist and inspirational speaker, hailed by dignitaries such as the Dalai Lama, and Former President Bill Clinton

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