Howard Bloom: The Meaning of Life – The Ultimate Transcendence

Howard_Bloom_Wikipedia_PortraitExcellence Reporter: Howard, what is the manning of life?

Howard Bloom: The meaning of life is connection to others. Being loved and admired. But the meaning of life is something more. Feeling you are a part of something transcendent. Something higher than yourself. Something that will uplift others, even if that uplift will not come in your lifetime.

What’s the ultimate transcendence? The ultimate framework of meaning? This is a cosmos constantly reinventing herself. Constantly saying f*** you to her old ways and ushering in realities of supersized surprise.

To have meaning in your life, aim to be a part of that process of radical reinvention, radical upgrade. Aim to provide radical new powers to your fellow human beings.


~Howard Bloom has been called ‘the next in a lineage of seminal thinkers that includes Newton, Darwin, Einstein, and Freud’, and “the next Stephen Hawking”.

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