John Renesch on the Meaning of Life

John Renesh copyExcellence Reporter: John, what is the meaning of life?

John Renesch: Your query is compelling for no one has even asked me this question before. And it provokes some deeper thinking – always fun for me.

Since meaning is so personal and subjective I cannot imagine a universal answer to your question. Some say the meaning of human life on Earth is for our spirits to have a physical experience (Gary Zukav called it “Earth school”). Some say our time here is to evolve from lifetime to lifetime, dealing with our karma. I feel most attuned saying that the meaning of life is whatever I make of it. What gives meaning to my life will most likely be very different from what gives meaning to yours. My life can be about suffering or joy, compassion or fear, love or apathy, happiness or misery. My life is what I make of it. Your life is what you make of it.


~John Renesch, advisor, mentor, futurist and writer

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