Meg Karle: The Life of a Star Child

Meg KYou were born a star child

Born to Be,
To be Wild,
To be Free.

Stars becoming the human cosmic obsession
Suspicions arise in my head, wondering
How they came to be our possessions.

Are we the keeper of the stars?
Are these the souls that are lost to ours?

Energy is not created,
Like humans, are stars related?
Energy cannot be destroyed,
Like humans, do stars swim in a sea of cosmic void?

If you gaze upon the night sky
With open heart and open mind,
Within each star, a soul can be seen,
By those who believe in seeing the unseen.

Close your eyes and see the stars,
As your vision feels each soul from afar.
You finally realize in your heart
The soul you lost is disguised as a star.

As the keeper of the stars,
Gazing at the sky lit by stardust and lunar light,
We must protect the souls
And respect the Night.

~Meg Karle, 36, home schooled teacher/tutor

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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