Hunt ‘n Bunny: A Soul Based ‘Meaning of Life’

authorExcellence Reporter: Hunt, what is the meaning of life?

Hunt Henion: We traded in our God-given capacity for knowing for the ability to question and find out what’s real for ourselves. We each explore in our own way, and we each lose control in our own way, looking for the shock that will shift our attention back to a soul based way of life.

This is when we begin listening more carefully and begin to see what soul sees. We learn to know what IT knows so that we can belong to a better world below as we do above.

There are a lot of fake-outs all around, but God is in everything and everyone, and his/her agents are watching to see what we focus on. God knows when we find the task more important than the person, or the trauma more appealing than trust.

When I was three or four years old, I asked my dad why we were here on Earth. He smiled and instantly answered, “To help make other people happy.” I was impressed he knew the answer without giving it much thought, and I really liked that answer! Fifty + years later, I still haven’t heard a better one —

well, maybe until today —

SnowBunnyjan2014After reading the above to my better half, she said, “Hmmmm… I think the goal may be to arrive at the end of the line where everyone is happy. However, in the meantime, life is more like a train wreck. You have to bandage the wounds and clear away the debris and all the dangerous stuff. So… the meaning of life would be to demonstrate love, and be of as much service in whatever way we can as needs occur.”


~Hunt Henion spent over forty years constantly studying and contemplating the workings of life. First, he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation. Then he practiced Buddhism; then studied Eckankar, “the religion of the light and sound of God,” serving as a member of their clergy for six years. He finally earned his PhD in Religious Studies. Combining traditional research with specific questions asked through a trans-channel have resulted in four books in the last five years.

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