The Meaning of Life? – Sestina

photoAnd I would not disturb the meaning of life
nor infiltrate the order in which for seeking
out, that nothing existed before I were born.
What from the past can such godly create?
An awareness for all suffering would suffice,
to say, kindly nature would turn to change us.

Give to life what is rightly won, then take us,
bring upon temptation like nature does in life,
surviving on replenish, and should we suffice,
on who it is, starving our eyes from seeking,
empowers the beliefs of wanting to create,
can for themselves relate it, from being born!

It would be trusting to say, the new ideas born,
out from sole replenish sustains to all of us
believed to be speaking to ourselves to create,
this image, over and above the meaning of life,
which speaks for itself in other ways, seeking!
Frenzy! The whole paradox is prone to suffice!

If calm, when dissipation ebbs, the sole suffice,
of any say in any matters spliced, a twin is born,
confusion starts to begin with modern seeking,
when black and white turn grey and owning us,
turning God away as though He, not of this life,
thinks that being born at all would death create!

Death, is Gods discerning way on how to create,
when we aren’t here, to forage others to suffice,
And accept the roll of dice – for how long is life!
We are remembered by our loved ones, born,
Out of love, and that their being brought from us,
from our forefathers, and those higher seeking.

It would be nice to know if something seeking,
has emerged to have ridden our fears to create,
this a healthy way of living from the rear of us,
who without observation, wisdom, is to suffice,
medium to being given to – or never been born,
this too can for some, be the meaning of life!

And for any of us, who in Gods name seeking,
saw religion like this life should have it create
obliges, suffice to say wishing never to be born!

~Sir Titus Llewellyn, 63, Stoic, Epicurean

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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