Rassouli: The Creative ‘Meaning of Life’

The best source for discovering our true purpose is the whisperings of our hearts.

TheFloristAs I write, I wonder whether the purpose of my existence is to follow the mystery that awakens my heart, my senses and my soul to the discovery of who I truly am, who I am becoming and who I could be. It isn’t something static that is awaiting my arrival. It is something unseen, like the wind moving the leaves, which is changing me and urging me forward. I feel that my purpose is to be fully and completely alive to the changing face of creation and the energy that moves it. Even more than the call of something new, I am compelled by the powerful invitation to feel the love that moves the energy of creation and is transformed by it.

I no longer seek to imagine my lifeline from its beginning to its ending. I have no idea where or how it will end! This is the thrill of the unknown for me. Rather than frightening me, it excites me and makes me feel ageless!

Every human being is in search of some kind of happiness, joy or pleasure, even if we are unaware of it. Once we accept that we are a vital part of this earth and surrender into the creative experience that guides us, we will grow more and more capable of living the life of our dreams. This is the first indication that our purpose in this life is to live fully and compassionately as an inseparable part of the universe, while we continue to attend to our own role as an advocate for its evolution. Everyone’s purpose is based on an individual instinct for survival and the deeper desire for a meaningful existence. Creative energy propels each of us towards our purpose. The aim is to be aware of it.



Our dreams determine the level of our greatness, for they hold the essence of life as it is arising from the soul.

In my younger days, I explored all kinds of possibilities, thinking it would help me to discover my purpose in life. While I was going to college, I worked as a draftsman in an architect’s office. It paid the bills, but I hated the job. I wanted to be a great painter just like many of my contemporaries who were successfully living their dreams. I wanted what they had, a passion that was reflected on canvas, tremendous love for life and a solid connection to their art.

Life’s purpose is not something we can think our way to discovering. We align with it by taking steps in the direction of what we truly want, and removing the obstacles that are in the way. I did that when I gave up a successful architectural practice to follow my heart’s desire. I was finally able to move toward my life purpose when I took the steps fearlessly, one after another to explore my dream. I can now gracefully admit that the way is not found by simply looking for it, but by doing it, by living what we love to do.


SimplePleasuresAction is a climax of intention that exalts and lifts us beyond what we could ever imagine.

One of the main causes of procrastination is overthinking. Should I try this? Would this work? What if it turns out to be a failure? What if it does not bring any income? Success in life comes to those who fearlessly try new things without being attached to the end result. Clarity comes through exploration. Results are revealed only after the action is taken. Dwelling on what to do only pushes us further away from reaching our ultimate purpose in life. I stopped watching television and began painting, sculpting, designing and writing every night until I collapsed from fatigue. By doing and trying everything, I learned that my true passion was indeed painting. I had to stop wondering and take action, before I could realize that painting was my joy.

While talking or writing about creating helps us find our reason for being, taking action gives us purpose and brings a deeper meaning to our existence. Action takes us to new heights and moves us beyond the rational mind. Action is a climax of intention that exalts and lifts us beyond what we could ever imagine. It is not possible to envision what may be shared and expressed through creative living. Action brings growing excitement, a feeling of lightness and a spreading of invisible spirit wings that we feel as joy.

Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued. It only comes as the result of personal dedication to something greater than us, or as the result of surrendering to a higher power. If we want love from other people, we need to love them. If we want more joy in life, we need to give joy to others, and if we want to make money, we need to help others to have what they need.

In creativity, we find ourselves laughing without knowing why. We smile the enchanting smile of one who has a secret and our eyes shine with the light of love because we are, at last, living our purpose.

When we feel empowered to live a creative life, it forms new connections that align us with the source of life itself. Instead of trying to rise above others, we strive to share the gift of vision and the joy that flows from it. We do not create for our own edification and glory. Rather, we creatively reflect and express to raise our own awareness and to have the opportunity and privilege of being able to share with others what gives our life meaning.

~Freydoon Rassouli, abstract surrealist painter. Excerpt from his upcoming “Book of Creativity”

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