The Meaning of Life – A Great Treasure

JycaLife’s a treasure that we should value
Yes, it is precious, so real and true
A time may come that you might feel blue
It’s difficult to start life anew

It is not a thing that can be sold
It is more valuable than a gold
There are many secrets to unfold
As the time we age and we grow old

Sometimes it is hard to understand
That Life is needed to be withstand
Whether our life is minor or grand
We should all be working hand in hand

Things on earth should always be balance
People only live their lives for once
We shouldn’t live our lives for vengeance
We should all clear things at this instance

Life is something so hard to create
We just need to be considerate
There are lots of things we should await
For God has made each of our lives Great

Jyca Therese Livelo, 16, student

Copyright 2015 © Excellence Reporter

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