FOUR ARROWS: The Meaning of Life… an adventure in discovery and humility

fourarrowsExcellence Reporter: Don Trent, what is the meaning of life?

FOUR ARROWS: The Meaning of Life is first a Great Mystery. Once this is accepted and embraced wholeheartedly, it can become the foundation for an adventure in discovery and humility.

All that is required is intentionally and intuitively realizing that it is also about relationships with all creatures on land, in the sky and in the waters, as well as with an invisible realm of spiritual energies.

With such understanding, we can find love and peace in the vibrations that come from realizing such interconnections. Stroking a paddle blade into an ocean wave, laughing at the antics of a kitten, or feeling the splash of a raindrop on one’s nose becomes an opportunity for love. When we can recognize such oneness, a sort of respectful enthusiasm for life can guide us through it, even in difficult times.

Although it may be possible to temporarily maintain such a magical disposition while indoors or amidst the concrete and glass of cities, I believe without an experiential grounding that only the natural world can provide, we cannot maintain it.

Complementarity, peacefulness, ecological sustainability, wellness, and joy come from the generosity, courage, patience, fortitude and honesty that only Nature can teach.


~Don “FOUR ARROWS” Trent Jacobs
Named Visionary in Education
Recipient of Moral Courage Award

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