The Meaning of Life Is Unconditional Love


The meaning of life is to love. There is no greater purpose, no greater meaning. Everything and anything. It doesn’t have to be solely people, it can range from a pet to something abstract and imaginary.

Even if you don’t love life itself, through loving things/beings in your life you find meaning, purpose. For example: You choose your dream job because that is what you LOVE to do. You choose whatever path you choose in life because that is the path that you LOVE. Love is the very purpose of living, and like I said, it doesn’t matter what you love, so long as it exists, and as long as you love, your life is not wasted.

Even those who claim to love nothing, love something. For example, a person may love no one and not a thing, but himself. There’s always something/one to love, that’ll give your life meaning.

Loving things in your life will make you a more spiritual being. Both Buddha and Jesus taught, ultimately, one thing: Love. Love for everything and anything. The more you love, the closer thou art to know thyself, and the closer thou art to God, if you believe in him. You can be an atheist and still have love fill your very self, and therefore fill your surroundings, thus, you become one with your life, or, your karma, which means that the more you love others (things, people), the more others will love you, it’s that simple.

When you love someone/something, unconditionally, it gives your life meaning, it gives you the will to live POSITIVELY, and that’s one of the greatest treasures love can give, a positive, healthy attitude towards life, and of life towards you.

Love unconditionally as much as you can, expand your “circle of love” to the farthest it can reach. And you’ll find. The more you send your love to others, the more you’ll appreciate the love you’re giving, making you also love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY.


IMG_20190621_223751~Shahaf Yefet, 22, Philosopher 

(Article written by ©Shahaf Yefet)

Excellence Reporter 2015, Copyright © Shahaf Yefet

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  1. is unconditional love possible? if I see a pedophile raping a child I will try to save the child and attack the pedophile? Could I have unconditional love for the pedophile? Could you?Or maybe if I had unconditional love I would simply stop the pedophile with minimal harm to stop the child’s suffering and hold no hate towards the pedophile? Ofcourse this is because the pedophile has no love for the child? I suppose a good goal for the world would be to achieve the state of unconditional love. But that is a goal for the world and something I as an individual do not have much control over. I can agree with the goal of being loving with all I experience in MY life because that IS something I have control over. Peace.


    • I think like you, Vasudenvan111… my human side would kill the person, but my faith in God says otherwise. For instance, if you think about it carefully, the idea is to not just to love the pedo… Love is patience and understanding. I’ll stop the pedo (knock him if necessary). Through love, I’ll realize that the pedophile is a broken person… damaged in some way. Did they choose this life or is this some mental defect? This case, it would be to understand enough to not hate them and love them enough to try to fix them. Just my thoughts.


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