Dr. William A. Tiller: Working Hypotheses Regarding The Meaning of Life

william-tillerExcellence Reporter: Dr. Tiller, what is the meaning of life?

William A. Tiller: My working hypotheses regarding the meaning of life are:

  1. To grow in coherence, to develop our gifts of intentionality and thus become co-creators with our spiritual parents and
  2. As we learn in academic knowledge, in human relationships and in various skill sets, we become more conscious of ourselves and of the world around us. We store an abundance of new information within our various levels of self. This new information in nature is mathematically equivalent to the creation of negative entropy in nature which cancels out the positive entropy created in nature by various processes and thus restores the thermodynamic free energy of our universe/cosmos.


~William A. Tiller, Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science. Dr. Tiller spent 34 years in academia after 9 years as an advisory physicist with the Westinghouse Research Laboratories.
Institute for Psychoenergetic Science —

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