David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD: Responsible Economy

David-R-HawkinsGina Mazza: There’s no mistake that we’re going through a collective recovery as a nation. In fact, Obama’s plan is called a Recovery Package. The last time the US went through a recession in the ’70s, our nation’s level of consciousness was below 200. So it makes sense that we would be going through this current recession in an unprecedented way. Now that our collective consciousness is over 200, how does it relate to what’s happening with the financial markets collapsing, the banking and auto industries in peril, high unemployment rates?

David Hawkins: Anytime there’s a shift of consciousness from one level to another, there’s a disruption. If you used to be a crook and you decide you’re going to become honest, you’re going to disrupt everything around you. What’s happening with our economy is a reorganization based on values other than just making money. The economy is really based on greed: every product is an effort to make money. And making money doesn’t infer anything having to do with responsibility. Now, we’re bringing up responsibility. As citizens, we’re asking, “Should these companies reveal what they know?” So there’s disorganization based on a current lack of clarity about values.

Gina Mazza: Integrity is the new gold standard and, as we evolve, it is becoming more important than the bottom line.

David Hawkins: That’s the current headline—people testifying about the integrity of a company, its executives and whether their compensation is within expectations of financial integrity—and the fact that some are well outside the expected norms is causing a great upset in the media: excessive compensation for executives who not only didn’t do a good job but did a bad job.

Gina Mazza: The headline in this morning’s news is the AIG execs rescinding their bonuses. CNN just reported that AIG is taking the signage off their corporate headquarters in Manhattan due to hostile threats against the company. I can’t recall this sort of public outcry for corporate accountability in my lifetime.

David Hawkins: A big part of it is the media bringing these things into our personal experience. We have instant reporting, instead of reading it in a newspaper—which is detached and intellectual. We can now experience a person’s personality and hear them talking live to us. So as an executive is testifying in Washington, the country is listening. We’re far more involved in world affairs that once were abstract. And the fact that [some corruption] involves taxpayer money and people’s personal investments, as in the case of Bernie Madoff, that makes it very personal. Accountability and personal responsibility are becoming quite primary.

Read the full interview at Holistic Networker; Gina Mazza

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