Akiane’s Success Principles

completed-30x221- Dedication and passion. I am completely focused on my work and get up at four in the morning, for many hours painting in my studio, detail after detail, layer after layer, month after month—sometimes spending as much as four months on a single painting.

2- Uniqueness—whatever you create has to be one of kind and so unique that the work would speak for itself and people …would be drawn to it.

3- Belief, dream and visualization. Envisioning that your work is already completed creates the finish line.

4- Trial and error—I come back to my work when most children would quit. I do not get too frustrated at the mistakes, but keep on coming back to fix them.

5- Enjoying the journey, not just a destination. Life is a journey, and whatever we create we must savor and enjoy without hurry—then the destination will come by itself. We should not focus just on success, because it has its own timing very often different than ours.

6- Patience. We never find patience by looking for it. We find patience by looking for a purpose. And the more we hurry for patience, the longer it takes us to reach it.

7- Inspiration. I do not wait for inspiration to come to me. Inspiration comes to me. By committing myself to work through challenging times the inspiration now comes to me when I least expect it.

8- Energy. Our success equals our energy. And we have the most energy in the first part of the day. My huge part of success was waking up early for the most difficult task which is realist art. And keeping healthy lifestyle—nutrient dense live foods, sunshine, exercise, movement, laughter, and wholesome relationships.

9- Consistency. Painting by painting makes a gallery, poem by poem makes a book. I believe in consistent work ethic, in a marathon working ~ not sprinting. Even though there are days when I paint up to fourteen hours, it is usually at the very end of the painting. The consistent pace of four to five hours of painting a day does not look a lot, but does add up as months go by.

10- Rejuvenation. I work six days a week and always have one day off for rejuvenation. During my leisure I love writing my poetry, composing on a piano, sewing and designing clothes, brushing up on Lithuanian Russian and Sign languages, visiting families or playing with my two older and two younger brothers.

11- Adaptation and flexibility. I had to adapt quickly to different working environments. For years when we moved frequently, I was painting next to a laundry room, an entry way, and a family room so I had to be patient until we built our new house with a spacious studio. I believe, if we are happy with little, we will receive in abundance in time. Starting with little and increasing gradually works very well for the balance of our mind.

12- Family support. All children entrepreneurs need at least one adult who would help them financially and morally.

13- Love. If we put others before ourselves—we are already abundantly rich.


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