When a woman…


When a woman smiles,
cherish her, be grateful and delight in the light of her eyes
embosom her, for feeling happy and lucky.
When a woman smiles,
it means you caressed her soul, you made her fly
through small gestures you reached into her soul
When a woman smiles,
her soul is exploding, in her eyes you can soak, you can ask anything you want
as long as you make her happy, you respect her, you listen to her and be there for her regardless of the situation.




When a woman cries, 

take her into your arms, remind her how beautiful she is, tell her that no one and nothing will make you love her less. Make her smile again, that she forgets the dark thoughts, tell her that you need her optimism, you need her simplicity.
Show her that she’s your heart-mate, wipe her tear and do not get sad at her. A woman cries when she loves, when she longs, when she feels too convoluted, when things go bad or when her worries seem to choke her.

The promises are no good if you leave her alone when she cries.




When a woman is silent…

Be afraid and stay next to her and talk to her
otherwise your voice would disappear among so many worries and complexes.
hold her in your arms, do not raise your voice, do not put blame on her without motives, do not send her away, clasp her to your bosom, and whisper that any problem can be solved,
caress her forehead and her soul, kiss her lips
and if she asks you to leave, you stay, it means so much to her.


The woman will put you to tests, she will ask you to leave because she wants you to stay, she’ll tell you she feels alone because she wants you two to be together, she will tell you she cannot sleep because she’d like to have a chat with you. When a woman cries, you take her into your arms. When a woman laughs, you laugh with her. When a woman is being silent, you have patience, ask her how she feels, do not go away from her: she needs you THE MOST in that moment.


Courtesy to Maria Cristiana Tudose
Copyright © Maria Cristiana Tudose
©2015 Excellence Reporter

Categories: Beauty, Love

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