Eliyahu Jian: Living a Meaningful Billionaire Life

What is the meaning of life?

Do you ever find yourself pondering this question?

It seems like we only come to visit Earth for a very short period of time. We find ourselves working to acquire material wealth and pleasurable experiences, and hopefully leave our children with something valuable. Then before we know it, we are departing from this world.

Is that really all there is to life?

Far from it! That is only the first level of life. The ground floor, you could call it.

Life is the process of going through transformation. In three aspects, to be exact: spiritual, psychological, and physical.

Spiritual is our direct connection to the Divine, as well as our connection with other like-minded people.

Psychological refers to our rational mind and its mode of expression, including how our words mold our reality.

Physical means the movement of our bodies, and it is an essential element in this triad of transformation.

We weren’t born spiritual masters, but we have the ability to become them.

It is up to us whether or not this transformational process will be full of chaos and pain, or a beautiful hike up a mountain. Difficult yes, but also pleasurable. Think of it as acquiring muscle — it takes effort, but it feels good.

How does the term “billionaire life” tie into this?

There are many millionaires and billionaires in this world, but few are deeply fulfilled. Few live what I call the ultimate billionaire lifestyle.

I’m not talking about merely reaching the financial status of a billionaire… Because many of the ultra-rich are unhappy. And not because they are wealthy. No, money is not evil. They feel empty because their ego has been dictating their desires. The ego always wants more, and becomes fixated on comparing itself with others. Their true desires — those stemming from the soul — are yet to be fulfilled. 

What I call the true billionaire lifestyle is when you have everything you desire. You don’t desire anything more than you have right now. And it’s not as simple as just being grateful for everything you have — that is beautiful and wonderful, yes, and one of the keys to lifelong happiness, but most of us know we are not at our highest level of achievement and growth yet. We have things we want to transcend, dreams we want to accomplish. And this is only possible through physical, psychological and spiritual transformation.

So how can you start living a billionaire lifestyle?

How can you achieve the deep fulfillment and true meaning you’ve been searching for?

There are three steps to transforming your life spiritually, psychologically and physically — in order to achieve lifelong happiness.

1. Understand True Freedom

True freedom is not doing whatever you want. True freedom is learning you can control what you want. It’s being released from wanting the things that tempt you but don’t bring you happiness. It’s being released from your ego.

In other words, you can choose to ditch your egotistical or surface-level desires and instead instill a desire for true freedom. True freedom, in return, brings you psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing… and lifelong happiness.

2. Change Your Petty Desires into the Desire for True Freedom

You will encounter various circumstances in your life that awaken your true desire for freedom. From there, you need to take charge and use that desire to create true freedom. This is the kind of desire that comes from your soul, as opposed to your ego. 

The secret to redemption is to redeem your own body consciousness by taking control of your desires. For this to happen, you need to start desiring true freedom more than anything else. And you’ll find this to be your strongest natural desire, as it leads you to true happiness.

3. Know That You Will Receive True Freedom if You Just Have Faith 

Unlike the infant who has perfect faith in receiving what is needed from their mother, we worry and become stressed about what we need. We tend to think that our lives are marked by lack. Instead of naturally sharing our gifts, we hoard them to ourselves, sharing them only if we stand to receive something in return.

We stop having faith in the Creator’s desire to give. But when we restore our faith in the Creator’s desire to give, and start giving freely ourselves, we will start to receive true freedom. This is also the spiritual secret to achieving success.

Once you understand and apply these three steps, you will unlock the ability to attain deep fulfillment in life. And get in touch with your true purpose.

So why are we here?

To grow… to transcend… to find freedom from our egos… to give… and be happy.


~Eliyahu Jian is a transformational life coach, spiritual teacher, author and motivational speaker who has worked with some of the world’s most famous and influential people, including Madonna, Demi Moore, Guy Ritchie, and thousands more worldwide. Eliyahu aims to empower people to be the best versions of themselves, achieve lasting success and true, lifelong fulfillment. To learn more and to get in touch, visit

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