Plagues and the Maestro of Harmony and Balance

This open letter to humanity was written for inclusion in a forthcoming artbook by Aberjhani featuring literary dialogues in the form of letters, poetry, and original artwork reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There is a simple and absolute law that’s governing everything on this planet – it is the law of balance. Everything sane and healthy is the result of balance. All life is the result of balance of millions and billions of cells and atoms. There is a mighty Intelligent Power that keeps this whole planet in balance – call that God, call it Divine Power, call it simply Nature if you will. It acts with an invisible hand, and its power is absolute. When there is excess of something that excess must be removed; otherwise, there will be more excess, and hence, disbalance. Balance ensues harmony, and disbalance ensues disharmony. A hundred musical instruments and ten thousand musical notes put together into perfect balance give rise to a harmonious orchestra. Excess would result in an unmelodious dissonant music. An excess of violin for instance would result in discordance. Therefore the excess of violin must be removed so that the whole orchestra is brought back into balance, into melodious harmony. Who does this? The conductor. Maestro. In our case Maestro will be Nature, or the invisible hand of nature. 

One square yard can handle two people. Three is too much. Four people begin to suffocate. Add a fifth and they will begin to push each other out. One square yard cannot handle more than 1 or 2 people. How many can this planet handle? A square yard of land cannot feed more than two people. The land of this planet cannot feed more than a certain number. Overpopulation produces an excess of many things – food, gas, products, etc., which ipso facto become of low quality. Who bears the burden of over production? The land. The air. Nature. The ecosystem. The ecosystem is not a robot though, but a breathing living thing. The ecosystem tires if it’s being overused. Nature cannot give more than it is able to create and give, meaning one square yard cannot feed five people, it can only feed one or maximum two people. What happens today is that humans by the use of technology manage to feed six people with only one square yard. And here is the critical point: one square yard of land is not technology, it is a living breathing thing, and by forcing it to create 6+ times more than it is able to year after year, it gets tired, weak and depleted. 

The land (the soil) contains in itself bio energetic value. Let’s say one square yard of land can produce 10 tomatoes at 100% bio energetic value each. This means one square yard of land can give maximum 1,000% of bio energetic value. This is its highest capability, and it cannot do more. What happens today is that humans manage to produce 100 tomatoes on one square yard of land. Consequently that one square yard of land divides its maximum energetic value of 1,000% to each tomato proportionally, and now each tomato doesn’t get 100% of bio energetic value but only 10%, or even less due to land’s depletion. The tomato of today has 5-10% of bio energetic value. Your bodily tissues get little to no nourishment and they do not grow and do not develop because the food is basically dead. And this applies more or less to organic tomatoes as well (depending on the health of the land of course). An organic tomato has less chemicals and stuff, but the bio energetic value is close to a regular one, if it is grown on the same tired and depleted land. Without healthy and nutritious food the human body and brain does not develop normally and cannot survive long enough. It’s being kept artificially alive by modern medicine. Wise men and women do not run to the doctor every other day. They don’t need to because they seek to lead a healthy lifestyle overall. 

Advanced technology is a great thing in the hands of mature people. It facilitates many things and it makes mature life easier and more efficient. And I will emphasize: in the hands of mature and wise people, who have lived life and who have gone through life’s difficulties, hardships, trials and triumphs. The downside of today’s advanced technology is that it keeps immature people immature. The neural network does not develop and does not grow, hence children don’t develop properly and do not grow into maturity. Brain scans show little to no difference in brain deterioration between drug/alcohol addiction and severe cases of computer addiction. An infantile with a gadget in his hand 24/7 remains an infantile unfortunately. A gaming society lacks pragmatism, it lacks the ability to make reasonable choices, it lacks the ability to use advanced technology efficiently and sustainably.  

People of today are fully aware of their smartphones and the apps within, yet they are completely unaware of nature without. They watch beautiful 4K YouTube videos about nature, yet very very very few get out to experience that beauty directly in nature. The direct connection is what creates growth! The former is stuck parasitism. Growth occurs when a child uses his gadget to connect to a library half a globe away to read a rare book in another language, using Google Translator if necessary. Only by having a direct experience within nature, with life, does a human evolve and grow. If there’s no growth then there is no value in being here on earth. The very matrix of this planet is development. Everything is in the process of growth – from the tiniest bacteria to the giant Sequoia tree. Excess merely multiplies itself without developing into something sustainably constructive or life-producing. What does not grow becomes sheer cancer, and self-destructs eventually. 

Getting back to our Maestro and the harmonious orchestra – or the invisible hand of Nature which steps in and says: it is time to bring the ecosystem back into balance.  

There is no pandemic. Humans die because they’ve become weak from excessive multiplication without the benefit of genuine growth when it comes to how mindfully we treat the earth or each other. That which doesn’t grow deteriorates, putrefies and dies. Excess is being removed all together with 100s of billions of masks. The planet is cleaning itself up. Nature obviously preserves that which is pure and is bringing itself back into balance. There is no reason to clean up that which is untainted, or at least that which honestly and earnestly strives toward cleanliness. Nature keeps dearly in its arms the mindful, the humble, and the healthy in body, attitude, and spirit. 

©Excellence Reporter 2021

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